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Business Tax Express allows businesses to pay taxes online through Electronic Funds Transfer or Credit Card. You may schedule EFT payments in advance; this option is not available for credit card payments. Using this convenient service your business can pay:

Withholding Tax(Payment only)
Rental Vehicle Tax(Payment only)
Lodging Facility Sales and Use Tax(Payment only)
Oil & Gas Production Tax(Payment only)
Corporation License Tax(Payment only)
Liquor Store Orders(Payment only)
Mineral Royalty Withholding Tax(Payment only)
Wine Tax(Payment only)
Beer and Hard Cider Tax(Payment only)
Cigarette Tax(Decal Order & payment)

This online service is provided by a third party working in partnership with the state of Montana. The price of items purchased through this service includes funds used to develop, maintain, and enhance the state's official web portal -

Register for an Account

To use Business Tax Express, you must first sign up. Before signing up, make sure you have your business information handy. Be prepared to enter FEIN, bank routing information & account number.

After entering the business information, your application will be reviewed by the Montana Department of Revenue. Once the application is approved or rejected, you will receive an email confirmation.

Once you have created your ePass account, you can register for a Business Tax Express account.

Select - SIGN UP and complete the online registration form:

Transmitter Contact Information

- This is the information for the person who will send the payments. Please note that the FEIN must be entered without the use of hyphens but the telephone number does require the hyphens.

  • Business Information - This is the information for the business that the payments will be sent in for. This includes the Montana Tax Number which is the first 7 digits of their Customer Tax ID such as 1234567-002-WTH. In this situation, the taxpayer would enter 1234567 in that field. (The Federal EIN is entered without hyphens.)
  • Banking Information - Bank information where payments are to be taken from.
  • Tax Payment Type - Select the type of payments that will be made using this account.
  • Password/Authorization Code Information - Create a password/authorization number for your account. This password/authorization code is case sensitive, must be 5-8 characters long and consist of both letters and numbers.
  • Submit Request for Account

After submitting your BTE application, the Department of Revenue will respond to your registration within 24 business hours. You will receive an email from the Department notifying you whether your application has been approved or if further information is required to process your registration.

Using Business Tax Express:

  1. Login to ePass and select Business Tax Express
  2. Enter your FEIN and authorization code/password, and then click on 'Login'.
  3. Choose an option: For transmitters with multiple businesses, you must select the business you are making the payment for. You may then choose from the following options:
    • Make a Payment: You must choose the type of tax payment you are making.
    • View Payment History: This option will allow you to view two years of payments made using this service.
    • Add a Business to my Account: This option allows you to add additional businesses to your Business Tax Express account.
    • Change transmitter authorization code/password: This option allows the transmitter to change the password if the current password is known.

Making Payments

*Note - Payment dates can be future dated.

Withholding Tax Payments:

  1. Period End Date: Enter the applicable date in the period end date field for the following frequencies:
    • Accelerated – Payroll date (Actual payday date)
    • Monthly – Last day of the month for which you are submitting payment
    • Annual – Last day of applicable year
  2. Withholding Amount Paid: This is the amount you are paying. Even if no wages are paid during the period, an electronic “zero” payment must be filed by the business to fulfill the necessary filing requirements.
  3. Select a Payment Date: Enter the date you want the payment processed.

Rental Vehicle Tax Payment:

  1. Quarter Ending: Enter quarter ending date you are submitting payment for.
  2. Select a Payment Date: Enter the date you want the payment processed.

Lodging Facility Sales and Use Tax Payment:

  1. Quarter Ending: Enter the Quarter End Date you are submitting payment for.
  2. Select a Payment Date: Enter the date you want the payment processed.

Combined Oil and Gas Production Tax:

  1. Quarter Ending: Enter the Quarter End Date you are paying.
  2. Amount Paid: Enter amount you are paying.
  3. Select a Payment Date: Enter the date you want the payment processed.

Cigarette Tax Payment/Decal Order:

  1. Enter contact person’s first name, last name and phone number.
  2. Shipping Method: Select the shipping method for your decal order.
  3. Decals Order: Complete lines 1 through 13 for your cigarette decal order. The amount on line 14 will be the final payment amount.
  4. Enter Payment Information.

Corporation License Tax:

  1. Payment Type: Enter the payment type for which you are making payment. Available options are: current year corporation tax, estimated tax, tentative tax or amended tax payment.
  2. Year Ending Date: Enter year end date for payment.
  3. Amount Paid: Enter amount of payment.
  4. Select a Payment Date: Enter the date you want the payment processed.

Liquor Store Payments:

  1. Enter the date your order was placed.
  2. Amount Paid: Enter amount you are paying.

Montana Annual Reconciliation:

The Montana Annual Reconciliation can be filed online with TransAction Portal.