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Logging In
The State of Montana uses Okta for Single Sign On (SSO). This allows citizens to use one password to access multiple state applications. This dynamic Business Checklist system requires a login so that the checklist can be customized specifically to your business. If you don’t have an existing Okta account, scroll down on the login screen and select sign up then close the window and login. You can click on Try the Demo to see what the system does before creating a login. For a general business checklist to guide Montana Businesses, visit the Small Business Development web site.

New Business Quickstart
A workflow consists of 4 pages that gather all the required information to create a new business. New users will be directed here after login and existing users will use the QuickStart to add a new business.

Company Information – Step 1

  • The Company Information page gathers basic information on the new business.

Industry – Step 2

  • The Industry page helps the user select the applicable industry types from the 1,065 NAICS codes. By searching with keyword(s) that relate to your business, the applicable industry types will display. Selecting industry types drives the permitting and requirements for your business. Please add as many applicable industry types as possible. You can later remove industry types or requirements if they do not apply.

Locations – Step 3

  • The Locations page allows users to add additional physical locations, cities or counties they wish to do business in. This step allows you to identify your primary Montana location and add additional locations to your business. Please include all known locations for your business, and can include only cities or counties you wish to do business in. Please note that some licenses and permits are required to be completed per location.

Questions – Step 4

  • The Questions page displays the user with clarifying questions to provide an additional filter. The added logic will provide checklist items that are more specific to the individual business, and avoid excessive and unnecessary checklist items.

Finish – Final Step – Set-up Complete

  • The Finish page tells the user that the business set up is complete. This step informs them of Business Checklist features, and provides links to the checklist pages for the new business.

Manage My Businesses
The Manage My Businesses page is a landing page for returning users to manage checklists. Edit Businesses, allows the user to modify company information, industry types, locations, questions and also includes user delegation by business. The user can also close businesses on the manage my business page.

Jump To…
This is a Navigation displayed on common pages. This allows the user to jump between the Manage My Business pages, view businesses checklists, edit business pages, add a new business and my profile page.

Your Business’s Checklist

  • Business Entity- This checklist determines potential checklist items based on your business entity requirements.
  • Business Primary Location - This checklist determines potential checklist items based on your business primary location requirements.
  • Additional Business Location - This checklist determines potential checklist items based on your business primary location requirements.
  • Potential Checklist Items - This checklist is determined the following as potential checklist items for your business. Please indicate which items apply to your business by choosing Accept or Discard from the dropdown. This will build your business checklist.
  • Accepted Checklist Items - You have accepted the checklist items as pertinent to your business checklist.
  • Discarded Checklist Items - You have discarded these checklist items and are able accept items if mistakenly applied.
  • No Longer Applicable Checklist Items - These checklist items are no longer applicable to your business checklist. For example, the item may have been discontinued by the requiring organization.

Print Checklist
Clicking the top right print icon will enable you to choose which business locations, checklist items and details.

Email Checklist
Clicking the top right email icon will enable to send a PDF version of the checklist to the email provided. You can choose which business locations, checklist items and details to be included.

Details Page
The Details page provides Checklist Item details provided by submitting Organizations. This includes Submissions and Completion field dates, which will drive future notifications. The information includes a Short Description, Prerequisites, Comments, Organization Contact Information, More Info, and History. You can access this page by clicking on the Checklist Item title link within your checklist.

My Profile
The My Profile page allows you to update information about your user account. Please make sure the data below reflects your most current contact information. You may also update your notification preferences or opt-out of email notifications on this page.

Managing My Okta Profile
To update your profile visit Select your name from the top right menu and settings.

Delegate Access
Within the Edit This Business page, under the Delegate Access tab, you may grant other people access to your business checklist. People you add will be sent an email, to the email that you provided, which instructs them on how to gain access.

People added will be asked to login with an Okta account. If they do not have an Okta account, they will be able to create one.

This is not a complete list of requirements for your business. We strive to make it as complete as possible but it is ultimately the responsibility of the business owner to comply with all local, county, and state regulations even if they are not listed here.