Things you should know before purchasing a license online

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  1. When purchasing a license online, please allow ten (10) business days for a kill tag, or any license that has a decal or clip associated with it, to be delivered to you. All other licenses purchased through this service must be printed on your home printer; it is mandatory to have a copy of this license on your person. You are responsible for printing and carrying your license at all times when hunting, fishing, or recreating on state lands.

    You may also email the license listing and/or application receipt to yourself for printing later. FWP will not print and mail non-tag licenses.

    • All licenses requiring a kill tag (for example, deer, elk, mountain lion, wolf, etc.). If your purchase included a combination license, then the conservation & fishing portion of that will also be mailed to you.
    • Nonresident Snowmobile (a decal will be mailed along with the license)
    • Nonresident Parks Passports (a decal will be mailed along with the license)
    • Nonresident Off-Highway Vehicle (a decal will be mailed along with the license)
    • Paddlefish (a paddlefish clip will be mailed along with the license)

  2. Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks will check your information against the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact and FWP's forfeiture database. This database contains information of individuals who have violated hunting and fishing laws in Montana and other states that are members of this compact, and have had their hunting and/or fishing privileges suspended or forfeited. IT IS A MISDEMEANOR TO APPLY FOR LICENSES WHILE PRIVILEGES ARE SUSPENDED OR FORFEITED, AND WILL RESULT IN ADDITIONAL FINES AND PENALTIES. For additional information, contact the Montana Wildlife Violator Compact Administrator at 406-444-2452.

  3. Before you can purchase a license on-line, you must meet and be aware of certain criteria:


    • To purchase licenses online, you must already have a lifetime ALS number assigned to you by purchasing a conservation license at a FWP License Provider location. Per Montana Statute, proof of residency for a conservation license must be presented in person. You may use the online service after you purchase at least one resident conservation license in person.
    • To purchase any other resident licenses online, you must have a valid Montana driver's license number or photo ID card issued by the Driver Examination Bureau. Your driver's license information will be verified against the Dept. of Justice driver database.
    • A resident minor may use their parent's Montana drivers license number or photo ID to purchase a resident license.


    • If you were born after January 1, 1985, you are required to show proof of completing a Montana hunter safety and education course or an approved hunter safety course from any other state or province prior to applying for or purchasing a hunting license, whether the hunting license is for the rifle or archery season.
    • All first time bow and arrow license purchasers must enter their bowhunter education certificate number (NBEF) or a previous years archery license number from any state or province.
    • Licenses purchased online (except for those identified on the previous page) must be printed from your home printer. Licenses in your physical possession are valid for immediate use.
    • If you need to purchase licenses for yourself and immediate family member(s), you must do so in separate transactions and provide the appropriate identification required for each individual.
    • If you intend to purchase a black bear license for the first time, you need to have passed the FWP Bear Identification test.
    • Nonresidents who do not have an ALS number established and are purchasing a conservation license for the first time must be prepared to provide the last 4 digits of their social security number per Montana Code Annotated to comply with the Federal Welfare Reform Law.

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