Vigilante Days and Ways

By Nathaniel P. Langford. Softcover, 350 pages.
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First published in 1890, Vigilante Days & Ways breathes life into Montana's early history. Author Nathaniel Langford, paints a vivid and lively image of a wild, lawless frontier during Montana's gold rush. 

Langford profiles the rise and fall of outlaw and shreiff Henry Plummer. He reveals early Montana as a prospector's dream flooded with hopefuls seeking gold and vast riches. As ambition and greed spirled into bloodshed, vigilante citizens banded together to exact their own justice. 

A true account from the Montana Terriroy, Vigilante Days & Ways plunges readers into the majesty and danger of the pioneer era. Langford lets us ride with vigilantes on the trail of outlaws, hanging on for wild chases and swift justice at the end of a rope. This is the Old West as it truely was - where the line between hero and villain may be slimmer than you think. 

Softcover, 350 pages.