A Country Doctor and the Epidemics: Montana 1917-1918 - A Historical Novella [Influenza]

By Steven D. Helgerson. Softcover, 152 pages.
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Can a country doctor alter the fate of his patients? Or his own fate?

In mid-October 1918 the largest epidemic of the 20th Century struck in a small eastern Montana town. Within a few weeks influenza had killed dozens of people in the rural county. But this was just one of a series of extrodinary events attacking the social fabric of the community in 1917 and 1918.

Rich in detail, broad in scope, this story places a fictional physician in the midst of the riveting events of those years. The physician grieves the death of his wife and unborn child. He is deeply troubled by the limitations of medical science. Then he is tragically enveloped by yet another epidemic. What is the fate of this country doctor?

Softcover, 152 pages.


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