Thunder Under The Big Sky: (DVD) The Fascinating Untold History of the Military in North Central Montana

By The History Museum of Great Falls. DVD, 60 minutes.
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Fifteen thousand military planes roared into Great Falls during WWII.  Three years later, courageous Air Force pilots and crews trained 24-hours a day in Great Falls preparing for the Berlin Airlift.  They stopped the Cold War blockade and probably prevented WWIII.  At the same time, a new Air National Guard was formed to serve Montana and later called up to support overseas wars.  A decade later, there was the race in Montana to ready the Minuteman missles as Russia stockpiled missiles in Cuba.

It all happened in north-central Montana and often in top secret conditions.  Thunder Under the Big Sky is another in a series of informative, enlightening, and entertaining documentaries about the largely unknown history of the unique people of Montana.  The History Museum of Great Falls and its award-winning filmmaker Craig Wirth bring the amazing story to life in this video.

DVD, 60 minutes.