The Nez Perces: The History of Their Troubles and the Campaign of 1877

By Duncan McDonald, edited by Robert Bigart & Joseph McDonald. Softcover, 160 pages.
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This history of the Nez Perce War was written in 1878–79 by Duncan McDonald, a relative of Chief Looking Glass and the son of a Hudson’s Bay Company fur trader and a Nez Perce Indian woman. McDonald spent most of his life on the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana.

McDonald wrote the history based on interviews and family sources. In 1878 he traveled to Canada to interview Nez Perce chief White Bird and learn his side of the story. Remarkably, the history was published in a Deer Lodge, Montana, newspaper only a year or two after the war ended.

McDonald’s Nez Perce War history is published with a historical introduction and selection of his other essays on Indian affairs, in which he objects to the United States government’s unjust treatment of northwest Indian tribes and condemns the threats of some Montana whites to attack Indians who were friendly to the settlers.

Softcover, 160 pages.