The Diary of Ichabod B. Borror: Gold Prospector Around Virginia City, Montana, 1864-1865

By Charlotte R. Shover. Softcover, 115 pages.
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In March 1864, Ichabod Borror left Shadesville, OH and headed to the gold fields near Virginia City in the Idaho Territory. He kept a diary detailing the trip to and from Virginia City and his experience as a gold prospector in Bivin's Gulch. He told of the Indians and forts along the Missouri River, the overland journey from the river to Virginia City, the effort it took to find gold, the loneliness of life in a miner's cabin in the harsh winter, and the longing for home back in "America." Ichabod returned to Ohio in the fall of 1865. The diary itself leaves the reader wondering about places, events, and things mentioned. This annotated version includes illustrations, maps, and explanations bringing definition to the words Ichabod Borror penned.

Softcover, 115 pages.

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