The Amazing Death of Calf Shirt: And Other Blackfoot Stories by Hugh A. Dempsey

By Hugh A. Dempsey. Softcover, 233 pages.
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The result of more than 40 years of research, The Amazing Death of Calf Shirt and Other Blackfoot Stories is a unique oral history spanning three hundred years of the Blackfoot people. Dating back as far as 1690, the stories collected here by Hugh Dempsey tell of renouned Blackfoot warriors such as Calf Shirt and Low Horn, of those who tried to adapt to a changing world, and of others who rebelled against the government's attempt to control their lives. These stories are factual, based on extensive interview with Blackfoot elders as well as research into govenment documents, accounts of early travelers, and records kept by missionaries, Indian Department officials, and the Mounted Police. 

Softcover, 233 pages.