The 406 Table Cookbook

By Karen R. Barbee. Softcover, 219 pages, color photos.
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The 406 Table is a creative lifestyle book that celebrates simple moments in a big way. 

As you read the author’s short stories of growing up on a farm in the 1960’s, you will see that imagination is a good thing and sisters are even better!

She also spotlights Montana history, a few notable events in the Treasure State, and shares with her readers recipes that will have your taste buds longing for more. 

The 406 Table embraces family, hospitality, and food. No matter where you call home, this book is for you! 

You will be thrilled and surprised as you discover The 406 Table contains: 283 pictures, 124 easy to execute country-comfort recipes, 30 event ideas/tutorials, 42 Montana history segments, and 15 charming stories of growing up on a Montana farm. 

Softcover, 219 pages, color photos.

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