Saving Miss Julie - A Novel by Stan Lynde

By Stan Lynde. Softcover, 233 pages. Member discounts do not apply to sale items.
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When cattle baron Thane McAllister's daughter Julie disappears from her home and a ransom note signed by the notorious Coldwater brothers arrives at the ranch, the cattleman calls on his longtime friend U.S. Marshal Chance Ridgeway to deal with the situation. Marshal Ridgeway deputizes cowboy Merlin Fanshaw and sends him and legendary tracker Hoodoo Hawks to deliver the ransom and resue Julie.

The job is supposed to be a simple one, but Merlin soon learns that a "simple" assignment can sometimes be the most difficult of all. Once again, popular author Stan Lynde blends humor, suspense, and high adventure to create a story rich in characterization and sense of place. Saving Miss Julie is an exciting and fast-paced tale told by a master storyteller.

Softcover, 233 pages.

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