Philip Aaberg - A Night at the Ozark (CD)

Set of 2 music CDs, 20 tracks.
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The original Ozark Club, which burned down in 1962, had a stunning resurrection in 2007, when Jack Mahood, Great Falls art collector, farmer, and musician played live recordings from the Ozark Club for musician and composer Philip Aaberg and historian Ken Robison. Philip contacted Chris Morris, then director of the History Museum, and the result was 5 sold-out shows featuring top rank national and Montana jazz musicians.

When the History Museum started researching the Ozark Club, they had one photo….of the club burning down. At the opening of the New Ozark, an entire room was devoted to historical Ozark Club photos, handbills, and memorabilia, including the juke box from the club. The Ozark Club was a place where young and old, black and white, sat with each other and played on the bandstand together in a time of strict segregation. Touring jazz performers of the time, including Lionel Hampton, often wound up playing there after hours. The new Ozark Club at the History Museum in Great Falls, Montana, is a celebration of that time, and it is also a wonderful contemporary jazz venue with a 9-foot concert grand and wooden stage. 

This CD set recreates the integration and mutual respect of what was once merely a promise of true American community. A special thanks to the sponsors who made this project possible: Ken Robison, Dora Mahood, Jim and Gail Ragen, Dayton and Polly Kolstad, Jim Humphries, Jim Todd, Harry Mitchell, Dan Mortag, Owen Robinson, Craig Sterry, Jane Weber, Triangle Piano Service, Thad and Su Suits, Bill Conklin, Don and Marilyn Murdock

Includes 20 tracks:

CD One:

  1. Mocking Bird
  2. High Society
  3. Just Squeeze Me (But Please Don’t Tease Me)
  4. Fly Swatter
  5. Rumi
  6. The Cleansing in the Dance of the Sad
  7. Teeth
  8. Slow Roll
  9. Stars and Stripes Forever

CD Two:

  1. Every Day’s a Holiday
  2. C Jam Blues
  3. Royal Roost
  4. Ghost of a Chance
  5. 5. Ready For Love
  6. The Cleansing in the Dance of the Sad
  7. Memories of You
  8. These Foolish Things
  9. You Can Depend On Me
  10. Body and Soul
  11. I Surrender Dear