Native American

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Grandmother's Grandchild: My Crow Indian Life

By Alma Hogan Snell and Becky Matthews. Softcover, 215 pages.

Homeland: An Archaeologist's View of Yellowstone Country's Past

By Larry Lahren. Softcover, 240 pages. Member discounts do not apply to sale items.
$39.95 $29.95

Hostiles?: The Lakota Ghost Dance and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West

By Sam A. Maddra. Hardcover, 288 pages.

How Marten Got His Spots: and Other Kootenai Indian Stories

By Kootenai College Press & Montana Historical Society. Softcover, 42 pages.

How the Morning and Evening Stars Came to Be: and Other Assiniboine Indian Stories

By Jerome Fourstar, Richard Blue Talk. Softcover, 40 pages.

How the Summer Season Came: and Other Assiniboine Indian Stories

By Jerome Fourstar and Isabel Shields. Softcover, 104 pages.

Hundred in the Hand - A Novel

By Joseph M. Marshall III. Softcover, 375 pages.

Indian Boyhood

By Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa). Softcover, 295 pages.

Indian Boyhood: The True Story of a Sioux Upbringing

By Charles Alexander Eastman and Michael Oren Fitzgerald. Hardcover, 40 pages.

Indian Country

By Karen D. Harvey and Lisa D. Harjo. Softcover, 358 pages.

Indian Legends from the Northern Rockies

By Ella E. Clark. Softcover, 541 pages.

Indian Life on the Upper Missouri

By John C. Ewers. Softcover, 240 pages.

Indian Nations of North America

By National Geographic. Hardcover, 384 pages.