Native American

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Blackfeet Tales of Glacier National Park, by James Willard Schultz

by James Willard Schultz. Softcover, 240 pages.

Blackfoot Craftworker's Book

By Charles C. Mann. Softcover, 79 pages. Member discounts do not apply to sale items.
$12.95 $10.00

Blackfoot War Art: Pictographs of the Reservation Period, 1880-2000

By L. James Dempsey. Softcover, 516 pages.

Blacktail Cave and Bear Stories

By Tag Rittel. Softcover, 124 pages.

Blood on the Marias: The Baker Massacre (hardcover)

By Paul R. Wylie. Hardcover, 336 pages.

Blood on the Marias: The Baker Massacre (softcover)

By Paul R. Wylie. Softcover, 336 pages.

Brave Wolf and the Thunderbird: Tales of the People [Joseph Medicine Crow]

By Joe Medicine Crow, with illustrations by Linda R. Martin. Hardcover, 30 pages.

Buffalo Bird Girl: A Hidatsa Story (hardcover)

By S. D. Nelson. Hardcover, 50 pages, ages 6 and up.

Buffalo Calf Road Woman: The Story of a Warrior at Little Bighorn

By Rosemary Agonito & Joseph Agonito. Softcover, 256 pages.

Buffalo Song

By National Geographic Learning. Hardcover, 40 pages.

Buffalo Woman - A Novel

By Dorothy M. Johnson. Softcover, 248 pages

Bull Trout's Gift

By Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. Softcover, 70 pages.

Cheyenne Dog Soldiers: A Ledgerbook History of Coups and Combat

By Andrew E. Masich, Jean Afton, and David Fridtjof Halaas, with Richard N. Ellis. Softcover, 432 pages.

Children of the Tipi: Life in the Buffalo Days

By Michael Oren Fitzgerald. Hardcover, 40 pages.

Contours of a People: Metis Family, Mobility, and History

Edited by Nicole St-Onge, Carolyn Podruchny & Brenda Macdougall. Softcover, 520 pages.