My Friend, Little Claw

By Donna Maddux and Ben LaRoque. Softcover, 84 pages. Member discounts do not apply to sale items.
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This historical novel aimed at young adults tells the story of famed Salish Chief Charlo when he was a boy growing into his position of leadership with the Salish Nation in what is now western Montana.

Written by long-time Montana educator Donna Maddux, who now lives in Olney, the book includes 24 chapters that take Charlo -- whose given name was Little Claw of the Grizzly Bear -- from his days as a boy, through the excruciating struggles of leadership he faced when the Salish were forced out of their homeland in the Bitterroot Valley and moved to the Jocko Reservation.

During that time Chief Charlo earned lasting fame as a leader who pursued a path of nonviolence in the face of hard-line policies forced upon his people by the U.S. government. His story in "My Friend, Little Claw" is told through the eyes of a companion, a younger boy adopted into the Salish tribe and known as He Who Sleeps With Bears.

Softcover, 84 pages.

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