Montana The Magazine of Western History - 2018 Summer [Influenza]

By Montana Historical Society.
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  • Ties, Rails, and Telegraph Wires: How Railroads Shaped Montana and the West
    by Dale Martin
  • “No More War, No More Plague” The Spanish Influenza Pandemic Toll on Montana
    by Todd S. Harwell, Greg S. Holzman, and Steven D. Helgerson
  • Mid-Century Monolith in Northwestern Montana The Hungry Horse Dam Project
    by Charlene Roise
  • “Whoa, Blue, Whoa!” Cowpuncher Teddy Blue Abbott, We Pointed Them North, and Montana’s Open-Range Era
    by Vic Reiman
  • An Editor’s Farewell by Molly Holz


Gish Hill, Webs of Kinship, reviewed by Gregory R. Campbell | Warren, God’s Red Son, reviewed by Rosalyn LaPier | Leech, The City That Ate Itself, reviewed by Fredric L. Quivik | Wellman, Peace Weavers, reviewed by Baligh Ben Taleb

On the cover

(front, detail) Gustav Wilhelm Krollman, Northern Pacific Railway North Coast Limited poster; (back) Highscalers—Boulder Dam, by Maynard Dixon, 1934

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