Montana's Dimple Knees Sex Scandal: (Butte) 1960s Prostitution, Payoffs and Politicians

By John Kuglin. Softcover, 160 pages.
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Beverly Snodgrass made a lot of poor choices. Once a prostitute in the old mining town of Butte, she later became a madam running two of the most popular brothels. She fell deeply in love with a crooked politician, whom she nicknamed "Dimple Knees." When corrupt cops in uniform came to her businesses, it usually wasn't to serve and protect but rather to collect payoffs.

Butte is sometimes described as a town that "drinks her liquor straight," but things never were the same after Beverly told her story to a newspaper reporter. That reporter, John Kuglin, recounts the scandal that rocked The Richest Hill on Earth and for a time made "Dimple Knees" the most famous name in Montana.

Softcover, 160 pages.

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