Women's History

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Pure Quill: Photographs by Barbara Van Cleve [Big Timber]

By Susan Hallsten McGarry, with foreword by Tim Cahill, preface by B. Byron Price, and afterword by Kymberly Pinder. Hardcover, large format, 216 pages.

Sacajawea, by Joseph Bruchac

By Joseph Bruchac. Softcover, 208 pages, ages 12 and up.

Some Went West

By Dorothy M. Johnson, introduction by Virginia Scharff. Softcover, 180 pages.

Statue of Jeannette Rankin, Presented in the Rotunda, United States Capitol (Official program & dedication)

Hardcover, 78 pages. Member discounts do not apply to sale items.
$15.00 $10.00

Tall Tales of Montana Homesteading and Beyond

By Thelma Van Kirkish. Softcover, 118 pages. Member discounts do not apply to sale items.
$19.99 $15.00

The Cowboy Girl: The Life of Caroline Lockhart

By John Clayton. Softcover, 338 pages.

The Woman Who Loved Mankind: The Life of a Twentieth-Century Crow Elder

by Lillian Bullshows Hogan, as told to Barbara Loeb & Mardell Hogan Plainfeather. Hardcover, 496 pages

This Is Not the Ivy League: A Memoir

By Mary Clearman Blew. Hardcover, 224 pages.

Turtle Lung Woman's Granddaughter

By Delphine Red Shirt. Softcover, 242 pages.

Under the Gallus Frame - A Novel [Butte]

By Darlene Matule. Softcover, 422 pages.

Upstairs Girls: Prostitution in the American West

By Michael Rutter. Softcover, 220 pages, photos.

Ursuline Sisters of Great Falls - Images of America

By Sister Francis Xavier Porter O.S.U. and Kristi D. Scott. Softcover, 128 pages.

Waheenee: An Indian Girl's Story

By Gilbert L. Wilson. Softcover, 189 pages.

Waterlily - A Novel

By Ella Cara Deloria. Softcover, 296 pages.

When Montana and I Were Young: A Frontier Childhood

By Margaret Bell and Mary Clearman Blew. Softcover, 251 pages.

When the Meadowlark Sings: The Story of a Montana Family

By Nedra Sterry. Softcover, 220 pages.