Montana History

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Buried in Butte

By Zena Beth McGlshan. Softcover, 464 pages, 277 photos.

Butte - Images of America

Softcover, 128 pages, 200 photos

Butte - Then & Now

By Matt Vincent & Chad Okrusch. Softcover, 96 pages, 150 photos.

Butte and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

By Janelle M. Olberding. Softcover, 144 pages.

Butte Voices: Mining, Neighborhoods, People

By Pat Kearney. Softcover, 409 pages.

Butte's Berkeley Pit

By Pat Kearney. Softcover, 262 pages.

Butte's Catholic Family

By Pat Kearney. Softcover, 352 pages.

Butte's Copper League

By Pat Kearney. Softcover, 48 pages.

Butte's Pride: The Columbia Gardens

By Pat Kearney. Softcover, 130 pages, photos.

Calamity Jane and Her Siblings

By Jan Cerney. Softcover, 128 pages.

Calamity Jane: A Reader's Guide

By Richard W. Etulain. Hardcover, 280 pages.

Cascade County and Great Falls - Postcard History

By Ken Robison. Softcover, 128 pages, 128 photos.

Cass Gilbert in Big Sky Country: His Designs for the Montana Club

By Patty Dean. Softcover, 40 pages, photos.

Charlie Russell: The Cowboy Years

By Jane Lambert. Softcover, 268 pages.

Christmastime in Montana

By Dave Walter. Softcover, 264 pages.

Clark's Fork Valley - Images of America

By Jeff McNeish and Clark’s Fork Valley Museum. Softcover, 128 pages.