The Best Montana Books

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Sperry Chalet: Glacier National Park, Montana (1914-2017)

By Bret Bouda. Hardcover, 120 pages.
  • Switchback: Fifty Years in Glacier and the West

    By W.J. Yenne, with foreword by George Ostrom. Softcover, 192 pages.
  • The Constitution of the State of Montana

    As Adopted By the Constitutional Convention March 22, 1972, and as Ratified By the People June 6, 1972, Referendum No. 68. Softcover, 56 pages.
  • The Great Northern Railway Through Time

    By Dale Peterka. Softcover, 96 pages.
  • The Life and Art of Joseph Henry Sharp

    Edited by Peter H. Hassrick, with contributions by Marie Watkins, Sarah E. Boehme, Kelin Michael, & Karen B. McWhorter. Softcover, 164 pages.
  • The Milwaukee Connection: Spokane to Butte (Milwaukee Road)

    By Dale W. Jones. Softcover, 96 pages.
  • The Ram's Horn Medicine Tree and Other Stories of Western Montana

    By Wm. W. Whitfield. Softcover, 224 pages.
  • The Red and the White: A Family Saga of the American West (Clarke)

    By Andrew R. Graybill. Softcover, 368 pages.
  • Thundersticks: Firearms and the Violent Transformation of Native America

    By David J. Silverman. Hardcover, 400 pages. Autographed copies available while supplies last.
  • Walking Last Chance Gulch: A Tour Guide (Helena)

    By Dennis McCahon. Softcover, 18 pages, color illus.
  • Fire and Brimstone: The North Butte Mining Disaster of 1917 (softcover)

    By Michael Punke. Softcover, 368 pages.
  • A History of Montana in 101 Objects: Artifacts & Essays from the Montana Historical Society

    Softcover, 280 pages, color photos. Books will be arriving in late July 2021. Please click on the "Notify me when available" link to receive an email when the books are available.