Montana & World War One

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Montana Women Homesteaders: A Field of One's Own

By Sarah Carter. Softcover, 200 pages, photos.
  • One Night in a Bad Inn: A True Story (Butte)

    By Christy Leskovar. Softcover, 594 pages.
  • One Woman Against War: The Jeannette Rankin Story

    By Kevin S. Giles. Softcover, 478 pages.
  • Over Here: The First World War and American Society

    By David Kelly. Softcover, 448 pages.
  • Smoke Wars: Anaconda Copper, Montana Air Pollution, and the Courts, 1890-1924 (hardcover)

    By Donald Macmillan and William Lang. Hardcover, 304 pages.
  • Sun River Homestead (DVD)

    DVD, 56 minutes.
  • The War of the Copper Kings

    By Carl B Glasscock. Softcover, 304 pages.
  • Work Song, by Ivan Doig

    By Ivan Doig. Softcover, 304 pages.
  • World War I in 40 Posters

    By Charles C. Mann. Softcover, 152 pages.
  • World War I Poster Collection: 100th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

    By Edward J. White. Softcover, 100 pages.
  • World War I Quilts

    By Sue Reich. Hardcover, 176 pages.
  • World War I: The Definitive Visual History, Centenary Edition

    By R.G. Grant. Hardcover, 372 pages.
  • World War One for Kids: A History with 21 Activities

    By R. Kent Rasmussen. Ages 9 and up. Softcover, 192 pages.
  • World War One Montana: The Treasure State Prepares

    By Ken Robison. Softcover, 271 pages.