Military History

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Life of a Soldier on the Western Frontier

By Jeremy Agnew. Softcover, 272 pages.

Little Bighorn Postcard History

By Vincent A. Heier. Softcover, 128 pages.

Lost Fort Ellis: A Frontier History of Bozeman

By Thomas C. Rust. Softcover, 160 pages, illus

Men Do Your Duty: Memories of Flathead National Guardsmen from their Pacific Compaigns of World War II

By Carle F. O'Neil. Softcover, 121 pages. Member discounts do not apply to Sale Items.
$6.95 $2.00

Montana Battlefields, 1806-1877: Native Americans & the U.S. Army at War

By Barbara Fifer. Softcover, 256 pages, photos, maps.

Powder River: Disastrous Opening of the Great Sioux War (Hardcover)

By Paul L. Hedren. Hardcover, 472 pages.

Regular Army O!: Soldiering on the Western Frontier, 1865–1891

By Douglas C. McChristian. Hardcover, 784 pages.

Road to War: The 1871 Yellowstone Surveys

Edited by M. John Lubetkin. Hardcover, 312 pages.

Rosebud, June 17, 1876: Prelude to the Little Big Horn

By Paul L. Hedren. Hardcover, 496 pages.

Sioux War Dispatches: Reports from the Field, 1876-1877

By Marc H. Abrams. Hardcover, 448 pages.

Splendid Service: The Montana National Guard, 1867-2006

Softcover, 352 pages. Member discount does not apply to sale items.
$29.95 $20.00

Supplying Custer: The Powder River Supply Depot, 1876

By Gerald R. Clark. Softcover, 248 pages.

The Battle of the Little Bighorn

By Mari Sandoz. Softcover, 191 pages.

The Black Infantry in the West, 1869-1891

By Arlen L. Fowler. Softcover, 192 pages.

The Black Regulars, 1866–1898 (hardcover)

By William A. Dobak & Thomas D. Phillips. Hardcover, 384 pages.

The Black Regulars, 1866–1898 (softcover)

By William A. Dobak & Thomas D. Phillips. Softcover, 360 pages.