Men of The Mission: In The Shadow of Old St. Mary's

By Jeanne O'Neill. Softcover, 83 pages. Member discounts do not apply to sale items.
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Men of The Mission fills a gap in Montana history, the previously untold "other story" of the little mission at St. Mary's of the Rockies in the Bitterroot Valley, told through the lives of the humble Jesuit priests and brothers who, until now, have remained in the shadow of the great Fathers Pierre DeSmet, S.J., and Anthony Ravalli, S.J., but who also poured out their talents and life energy to serve and bring the Gospel and Catholic Faith to the Salish Indians.

These are the stories of such men as Father Joseph Mengarini, who could speak the Salish language as well as the Indians themselves; Giorda, who was second only to Father DeSmet in establishing missions in the Northwest Rockies and who was once stripped of his belongings by warring Indians and left to die of the frigid Great Plains; of self-taught artist and diarist, Nicolas Point S.J., who taught religion to the Indian children by painting scenes from the life of Christ and vivid portaits of the chiefs, and whose art has recently been revived and shown in current exhibits;of Father Jerone D'Aste, who helped save the peace in 1877, by his tact and prudent counsel in interpreting between the Indians and the white settlers when the Nez Perce traveled through the Bitterroot; of the incedible Brother William Claessens, the carpenter/builder/gardener/banker who is remembered for building all for St. Mary's Chapels as well as missions at Cataldo, St. Ignatius, Hell Gate, Frenchtown and others; and of Brother Specht, master of innovation, who fashioned a sledgehammer out of tin cans, made cassocks out of Indian blankets and recalled having to wear animal skins. 

Softcover, 83 pages.

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