Life and Death at St. Mary's Mission, Montana: Births, Marriages, Deaths, and Survival Among the Bitterroot Salish Indians, 1866-1891

By Robert J. Bigart. Softcover, 332 pages.
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St. Mary's Mission in western Montana served the Salish Indians and other Roman Catholic residents of the Bitterroot Valley. The origins of the mission in the 1840's  are well known, but its second life between 1866 and 1891 was also important. The baptism, marriage, and death records from St. Mary's for the last nineteenth century have survived and provide a window on the Bitterroot and the Salish Indian community. 

The documents and family histories illuminate the lives of Bitterroot Salish INdians and the white men and other Indians who married into the Salish tribe. Many important players in nineteenth century western Montana History appear on these pages along with the everyday people whose struggles to adapt to ecomonic and political change wrote Montana history. 

Softcover, 332 pages.