An Honest Try: An Essay in Bronze, by Bob Scriver

By Bob Scriver. Hardcover, 91 pages.
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Featuring the late Bob Scriver's award-winning Rodeo Series of sculpture, An Honest Try, now in its second printing, is evidence of the creative genius that has thrust the Browning, Montana artist into an elite class of master sculptors. Splendidly photographed by renowned photographer Asger Mikklesen, and reproduced in color and sepia tone, the Rodeo Series reflects all the action and nobility of the Western drama called rodeo.

To turn the pages of this volume is akin to a whiff of sagebrush and a top seat on the corral fence which sparked an emotional upheaval in Scriver: "I came to see that these rodeo cowboys were real Americans - the last in the tradition of the Old West. They pay their own way - win, lose or draw - asking only for an even break. All they want is An Honest Try."

Hardcover, 91 pages.