Hang 'Em: Montana Vigilantes vs. Henry Plummer

By Donald E. Crosley. Softcover, 190 pages.
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Gold was found in the Southwest corner of what is now Montana -- far from anywhere and everyone. Rich gold strikes in the Rocky Mountains turrned small nondescript areas into bustling towns. The gold was found to be of the hightest and richest grade anywhere in the country. The word was out --"Gold"-- and the stampede began! These new strikes in the far north, would draw high interest from the hungry miners of the Gold Rush in California. They flocked north to the small but growing town of Bannack in the Southeastern corner of Washington Territory (Idaho and Montana). Seeking the richest rewards, many honest, hard working, gold diggers migrated north into the Rocky Mountains, followed by scavengers and unscrupulous fortune hunters.  


Softcover, 190 pages.

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