Glacier National Park: Crown of the Continent (DVD)

DVD, The history of Glacier National Park with bonus 1956 Great Northern Railway promotional film. 2 DVD set, 56 minutes.
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Glaciers, Native Americans, a retired millionaire, a railroad baron, a naturalist, and many others contributed to the storied development of Glacier National Park. It is a history full of twists and turns, (often literal ones) and endless possibilites and terminating realities.

It is the history of an unparalleled engineering feat that helped set the standard for the National Park Service today - the building of the Going-to-the-Sun Road. It is also the story of the longest-running fleet of buses in the world.

See how the park's establishment was influenced by historical figures such as James J. Hill, George Bird Grinnell, Thomas Vent, and George A. Custer. Learn about the natural and social forces that have shaped one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Bonus features include a 1956 Great Northern Railway film promoting the park.

2 DVD set, 56 minutes.

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