Glacier Park Remembered (DVD)

By The History Museum, Great Falls, Montana. DVD, 57 minutes.
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It is hard to imagine what was more memorable: the breathtaking scenery, or the adventure of being in Glacier Parrk a century ago.

Travel in time through rare and restored film and photos to relive the adventures of our Glacier tourist counterparts of generations ago.

See how eastern city-slickers were lured to north central Montana by a glitzy promotional campaign promoted by the Great Northern Railroad. The BNSF Railroad opened up the archives for amazing images of travel in the early days of Glacier Park.

Additionally, network documentary filmmaker and TV reporter Craig Wirth uses History Museum resources to bring family vacations alive, including a valuable photo archive of the prominent Montana Couch and Ford family trip to Glacier in 1914.

Park rangers, Native Americans, and decendents of Glacier pioneers bring a historical perspective, along with stories from the late Walter Breuning, "World's Oldest Man", who recalls his trips to the park starting in 1914.

DVD, 57 minutes.

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