Glacier Country: Montana's Glacier National Park

By Robert C. Gildart. Softcover, 104 pages, color photos.
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Glacier National Park past and present: creators, historical characters, wildlife, geology, trails, and more.
"The coming of the [Great Northern] railroad introduced a handful of settlers to the western valleys. People like Milo Apgar, Charlie Howe, George Snyder and a few others carved some homesteads out of the forested shoreline of Lake McDonald. Other hardy pioneers drifted to likely spots farther north, especially where meadowlands offered natural fields. Valleys adjacent to the North Fork of the Flathead River soon boasted a few ranches.
The settlers around Lake McDonald quickly realized that scenery was one of the most profitable resources. They began to cater to railway travelers, providing meals and cabins and boat rides up the lake. A few acted as guides. An infant "Glacier Hotel" soon appeared at the upper end of the lake near Snyder Creek, later to be expanded and become Lake McDonald Lodge. The tourist business had begun."
Softcover, 104 pages, color photos.