Ghosts of the West: The End of the Bonanza Trail (DVD) [Ghost Towns]

DVD, 57 min, includes an additional 15 minutes of bonus scenes & interviews.
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Lost mines, abandoned diggings, ghost towns… The very words conjure enigmatic images of the Old West ~ of the thousands of towns and mining camps that boomed and died during that brief era when men scrambled through unexplored territory, searching for the next big gold strike.

Today, the old hotels and saloons stand in mute testimony to a fabled past, when prospectors came to gamble, find and lose a fortune, or die without revealing the location of a rich and elusive mine. Their tales continue to fascinate and intrigue. And even haunt us…

Rather than taking a strict geographical or chronological approach, this Best Documentary Award-winning film relates tales in a mineral-strike-to-boom-to-bust arc before revealing the towns' ultimate fates and legacies. 

Shot throughout Montana and the Rocky Mountain region, the film features segments on Bannack, Virginia City, and Nevada City, and includes shots of Elkhorn, Garnet, and Granite.

This Special Edition DVD is the complete award-winning film as shown in theaters, as well as an additional 15 minutes of bonus scenes and interviews.

DVD, 57 min.

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