End of the Ice Age

By Ted Rechlin. Hardcover, 96 pages.
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Welcome to the Pleistocene. Better known as the Ice Age.

In Rextooth Studios' newest release, readers will discover a world ruled by massive Mammoths, Giant Bears, and Saber Cats. In this educational, action-packed and awesomely illustrated graphic novel, the battle for survival is constant and brutal. More than two million years ago the earth plunged into a deep freeze. Vast ice sheets formed in the north - sometimes two miles thick - and shaped life around the globe. But now, something is happening to the mountains of ice - the world is warming...and life is beginning to change.

Join artist Ted Rechlin (Jurassic, Sharks) in an epic, exciting, and true-to-life journey through an ancient land. With stories unfolding in both Southern California and the frozen tundra that was the European continent, follow a family of Saber Cats as they hunt for their very survival. Experience the epic battles of Dire Wolves, ten-ton Mammoths, Woolly Rhinoceroses and giant sloths all struggling for survival in the epoch of the Ice Age.

Hardcover, 96 pages.

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