East of the East Side: A True Story (Butte/East Helena) by Christy Leskovar

By Christy Leskovar. Hardcover, 464 pages.
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East of the East Side tells the true story of a Slovenian peasant boy who becomes a concert bassoonist and must flee Paris when the First World War begins, a Viennese kitchen maid who receives money from a mysterious benefactor and off she goes to America, a scrappy undaunted gold prospector who faces off against one of the most powerful men in the state, and an outrageous girl who grows up in a Wild West saloon.  They are real people. Two world wars shake the foundations of their lives taking them and their offspring from peasant farms in Austria to Imperial Vienna and the glittering Paris opera, to the American West–the fledgling Montana smelter town of East Helena, the Flathead Indian Reservation, the notorious copper metropolis of Butte, the Slavic enclave of East Butte, San Francisco, and the fertile desert of eastern Washington. It is an engaging read made richer in a well-researched historical and cultural backdrop.

Hardcover, 464 pages.