Creations From The River Road: Practical Realism for Tying and Fishing Foam Trout Flies

By Tony Tomsu. Hardcover, 212 pages, photos. Member discounts do not apply to sale items. Shelf copy, scuffed cover. Sold as-is.
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Internationally known fly-tyer Tony Tomsu of Stevensville, Montana, has written a new 212-page book, issued in 8.5 x 11-inch hardcover format, and shows in more than 500 detailed color photographs how to tie 20 of his favorite trout patterns covering eight major categories of trout stream insects -- from effective fishing versions to highly realistic flies worthy of formal display.

For more than 20 years, Tomsu has been a nationally recognized leader in the development of foam flies in the trout world, and in the Foreword by famed author Doug Swisher (Selective Trout), Swisher had this to say: "One thing about Tony, he doesn't keep secrets to himself. Instead, he shows such things as his unique coloring system and awesome technique for bending legs. He's light years ahead of his time."

Hardcover, 212 pages, photos.  Shelf copy, scuffed cover. Sold as-is.