"We Proceeded On" Limited Edition Bronze Medallion

By Eugene Daub, sculptor. 3" in diameter. Member discount does not apply to limited editions.
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This medallion was drawn from the lower border of We Proceeded On—a monumental bas-relief mural commissioned for the Senate Chamber in the Montana State Capitol by the Montana Historical Society in cooperation with the Montana State Senate and the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission.

The face of the medallion bears head-and-shoulder portraits, in profile, of the intrepid explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark pressing ever onward in their remarkable quest. The reverse of the medallion depicts an American bison, a time-honored symbol of the spirit of the West, Montana's abundant wildlife, and the state's diverse cultural heritage.

Round bronze medallion 3" in diameter, in prosentation box with wooden stand.  Limited edition of 1000. 

Member discount does not apply to limited editions.