"We Proceeded On" Limited Edition Bronze Maquette

By Eugene Daub, sculptor. 29" x 14". Member discount does not apply to limited editions. This item does not qualify for free shipping. Please call 406-444-2890 to order.
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This bronze maquette is a scale replica of the monumental bronze mural commissioned for the Senate Chamber in the Montana State Capitol by the Montana Historical Society, in cooperation with the Montana State Senate and the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission.  The purpose of this bas-relief is to commemorate the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and to pay homage to the dedicated men and women who have served the citizens of the Treasure State as members of the State Senate.

The tableau depicts the intrepid explorers at daybreak as they prepare to re-embark on their upriver journey through Montana’s famed Missouri Breaks.  Sacajawea stands proudly in the center of the scene while the resolute captains labor nearby with journal and sextant—symbols of the Corps’ unparalleled feats of exploration as well as its lasting legacy in the fields of botany, zoology, geology, and ethnology.  In the background, the expedition's beloved Newfoundland, Seaman, stares expectantly at York who is busy reloading a canoe. 

The bas-relief bronze measures 14” high by 29” wide, and is one of a limited edition of 75. 

Member discount does not apply to limited editions. This item does not qualify for free shipping.  Please call 406-444-2890 to order.