Friends In High Places

By Mario Locatelli. Softcover, 88 pages.
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Mario Locatelli of Hamilton, Montana, has achieved international recognition for his mountaineering and endurance feats in the high country of Montana and elsewhere -- having climbed 50 of the world's highest mountains -- and over the years has been acclaimed by his friends and his associates as the "Montana Mountain Goat." He is widely recognized for his skills and experiences in the upper reaches of the mountains, which he regularly refers to as the "high places" of his life. Throughout the years in which he visited those mountaintops, he spent many days, indeed months, observing the wild critters whose moniker he carries -- the Mountain Goat -- and this book presents an homage to his namesake. Mario shares photographs and observations of dozens of experiences he enjoyed, even in some cases when he encountered incredibly adverse weather conditions, with Mountain Goats. The book is full of stunning, full-color photographs.

Softcover, 88 pages.

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