Butte's Pride: The Columbia Gardens

By Pat Kearney. Softcover, 130 pages, photos.
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The Columbia Gardens amusement park was built by "copper king" William A. Clark shortly after he purchased the land east of Butte in 1899. In a short period of time Clark constructed one of the most elegant parks in the history of the United States. The park featured gorgeous floral designs, unique equipment, a magnificent dance pavilion, amusement rides, a zoo, a sports complex and, most of all, lots of fun for any person who walked through the gates--free of charge.

The Columbia Gardens park was closed to pave the way for mining in 1973. During 74 years of operation Columbia Gardens became more than just an amusement park for Butte residents. It was a treasure more valuable than all the copper, silver and gold taken out of the mines in Butte.

Butte's Pride: The Columbia Gardens provides a wondrous look into this magical place through stories and classic photographs.

Softcover, 130 pages, photos.

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