Butte Voices: Mining, Neighborhoods, People, by Pat Kearney

By Pat Kearney. Softcover, 409 pages.
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Filled with copper, silver and gold, the mining camp of Butte, Montana, is called "the richest hill on earth." The underground mines and later the Berkeley Pit were the sources for producing the largest mining operation the world has ever seen. The powerful Anaconda Company controlled not only the mines, but also the press, the courts, the legislature and the Montana economy.

How did that impact the Butte people? What was it like for them working in the most unsafe hard-rock mining operation in the world? What struggles did the Butte people go through to survive tough times? Why did so many foreign immigrants flock to Butte looking for an opportunity?

Butte Voices: Mining, Neighborhoods, People examines these questions and tells the story of the Butte people: their struggles, neighborhoods, games and ethnic pride. It is a unique story in a one-of-a-kind town filled with history, tragedy and triumph.

Softcover, 409 pages.