Bruce Anfinson & Raphael Cristy - A Cowboy Christmas: Songs & Stories (CD)

Music CD by Bruce Anfinson with stories read by Raphael Cristy. 16 tracks.
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Bruce Anfinson's versions of original and traditional Christmas carols combined with Raphael Cristy's renditions of Charlie Russell's stories make this a unique Christmas recording you'll want to have as part of your holiday traditions for years to come. 

Includes 16 tracks:

  1. I Got Santa Claus
  2. The Gift of Christmas
  3. Savage Santa
  4. First Christmas Away From Home
  5. Christmas at Linecamp
  6. A Gift
  7. Glory To That New Born King
  8. I Wonder As I Wander
  9. The Fat Beggar
  10. Cowboy Christmas Ball
  11. Christmas, When Women Were Few
  12. Midnight Clear
  13. The Court Jester
  14. Raggedy Santa
  15. The First Noel
  16. A New Year's Toast