Bronze Inside and Out: A Biographical Memoir of Bob Scriver

By Mary Strachan Scriver. Softcover, 392 pages. Shelf copy, bent back corner, sold as-is.
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Bronze Inside and Out is a literary biography of sculptor Bob Scriver, written by his wife, Mary Strachan Scriver. Bob Scriver is best known for his work in bronze and for his pivotal role in the rise of "cowboy art." Living and working on the Montana Blackfeet Reservation, Scriver created a bronze foundry, a museum, and a studio - an atelier based on classical methods, but with local Blackfeet artisans. His importance in the still-developing genre of "western art" cannot be overstated.

Mary Strachan Scriver lived and worked with Boba Scriver for over a decade and was instrumental in his rise to international acclaim. Working alongside her husband, she became intimately familiar with the man, his work, and his process. Her frank, uncensored, and highly entertaining biography reveals details that give the reader a unique picture of Scriver both as man and as artist. Bronze Inside and Out also provides a fascinating look into the practice of bronze casting, cleverly structuring the story of Bob Scriver's life according to the steps in this complicated and temperamental process.

By Mary Strachan Scriver. Softcover, 392  pages.  Shelf copy, bent back corner, sold as-is.