A Blackfoot History, The Winter Counts; Sikaitapi Itsinniiki, Telling the Old Stories

By Paul M. Raczka. Softcover, 423 pages.
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A small pictographic image, drawn on a tanned deer hide, carries a story of the Blackfoot people. Each year thereafter another is added, until the history of the people emerges in what is called a winter count. That image is a reminder of a significant event, a story to be told in detail to future generations.

Historically important, they contain greater implied meanings much like Blackfoot language itself. To these winter counts are added other stories, told by the people, that relate to the events and culture mentioned in the counts; Niitsitapiiysin, the Blackfoot way of life. Most importantly the information and stories all come from Blackfoot storytellers. It is a refreshing view of history of a people in the words of the Blackfoot people themselves.

Softcover, 423 pages.