Bannack: The Making of Montana (DVD) [Ghost Towns]

DVD, 30 minutes.
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An unsettled and desolate land. A territory with no law and order. Then, GOLD! From the gravel bars of Grasshopper Creek came the first major strike in what is now Montana. Miners, lawyers, storekeepers, and hoodlums came from all corners of the globe to profit from the gentle creek. Upon it's north bank rose Bannack, the first Territorial Capital of Montana. At first a far-flung wilderness with no legal criminal codde, the area quickly became a beehive of violence and crime, culminating in the lynching of Sheriff Henry Plummer by vigilantes. 

Surviving bitterly cold winters and hot summers, Bannack's first residents broke ground for a new Ammerican Territory, and the first established community in Montana. 

Drawing from their journals and letters, including documents never before made public, Meadowlark Films combines interviews, research, and onsite footage to dust off the history books and bring you the exciting and controversial history of Bannack - the making of Montana.

DVD, 30 minutes.

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