Art & Photography

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Missoula Impressions: Montana's Five Valleys

Photography by Nelson Kenter. Softcover, 80 pages.

Montana Hometown Rodeo

By Joanne Berghold, with an introduction by Kim Zupan. Hardcover, 108 pages.

Montana Impressions

By John Reddy. Softcover, 80 pages, color photos.

Montana Moments

Photography by Chuck Haney. Hardcover, 120 pages.

Montana's Charlie Russell: Art in the Collection of the Montana Historical Society (hardcover - autographed)

By Jennifer Bottomly-O'looney & Kirby Lambert. Hardcover, 432 pages, color photos.

No More Buffalo, by Bob Scriver

By Bob Scriver. Hardcover, 129 pages.

Painted Journeys: The Art of John Mix Stanley

By Peter H. Hassrick & Mindy N. Besaw. Hardcover, 308 pages.

Photographing Montana (1894 - 1928) - The Life and Work of Evelyn Cameron

By Donna M. Lucey. Softcover, 268 pages, over 150 photos.

Plains Indian Art: The Pioneering Work of John C. Ewers

By John Canfield Ewers. Hardcover, 224 pages.

Queen of Montana Beach: The Biography of Fanny Y. Cory

By Toni McCarty. Softcover, 180 pages.

Red Cloud: Photographs of a Lakota Chief

By Frank Goodyear. Hardcover, 211 pages.

Remembering Montana

By Gary Glynn. Softcover, 134 pages.

Return to Calgary: Charles M. Russell and the 1919 Victory Stampede

Edited by Brian W. Dippie, with contributions by Thomas A. Petrie, Emily C. Wilson, Karen B. McWhorter & Laura F. Fry. Softcover, 144 pages, 70 color illus.

The American West in Bronze

By Thayer Tolles and Thomas B. Smith. Hardcover, 208 pages.

The Art of Charlie Russell: Postcards from the Montana Historical Society

By Montana Historical Society Press. Softcover, 32 pages.

The Call of the Mountains: The Artists of Glacier National Park

By Larry Len Peterson. Softcover, 156 pages, 250 color and b&w images.

The Collotypes of L. A. Huffman: Montana Frontier Photographer

By Gene & Bev Allen. Hardcover, 168 pages, photos.