Annie: From Slavery to a Montana Homestead, The Cabin in the Woods - A Novel

By Lenore McKelvey Puhek. Softcover, 308 pages.
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This historically accurate novel describes life on a 1880s Montana frontier homestead.

Annie Morgan. Brave, desperate, or lost? Born a slave in Baltimore, life weaves a story of adventure, and romance throughout major events in American history. She cooks for General Custer during the Civil War. After Custer's demise at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, she travels to Ft. Benton, Montana, on the Missouri River, joining the established black community. A job in Philipsburg, a rough mining town, leads Annie to her "homestead" at last.

Joseph Case. A Civil War Veteran who drifts west to fight Indian Wars. He also ends up in Philipsburg, hired by the cook camps to hunt meat. By a strange twist of fate, Annie saves Joseph from drowning. Love blooms...will territorial laws prevent a marriage between the interracial couple?

Sean Patricks. A firefighter in the Sawmill Complex Fire of 2007. Sean helps save a historical cabin. He returns with his 12-year-old twin sons for a fishing vacation. The twins do more than fish. They uncover a path to the past in the spirits of Annie and Joseph.

A fine thread weaves smoothly throughout this story. Is the past part of the present...or the present part of the past? You decide.

Softcover, 308 pages.

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