A Wild Land Ethic: The History of Wilderness in Montana

Edited by Dale A. Burk & Wayne Chamberlin. Softcover, 328 pages.
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The books focuses on the history of the Wilderness preservation movement in Montana and features the work of 42 of Montana's leading writers on the theme of Wilderness (as well as more than 100 color photographs by some 32 photographers) and it covers in scope wild land resources across the state from the proposed Scotchman Peaks area in the northwestern Montana to the Pryor Mountains in the southeastern part of the state.

Authors include: Jim Posewitz, Bill Cunningham, Susan Stame Miles, Joan Montagne, Tom Kotynski, John Gatchell, Hal Harper, Susie Graetz, Dale A Burk, Bill Hallinan, Dr. John Vollertson, Arnold "Smoke" Elser, George Wuerthner, Lou Bruno, Peter Bengeyfield, J. Nevin Thompson, Roger Jenkins, O. Alan Weltzien, Ron Stottlemyer, Leslie Shaw, Greg Schatz, Mark Hanson, Bert Lindler, Governor Steve Bullock, Elaine Snyder, Gene Sentz, Harrison Fagg, Doug Ferrell, Karen Stevenson, Sandy Compton, Nicholas Littman, Jennifer Ferenstein, R.L. "Stoney" Burk, Teddy Roe, Frederick H.Swanson, Bill LaCroix, Gerry Jennings, Gabe Furshong, Cal Cumin, Zack Porter, Ben Gabriel, and Wayne Chamberlin.

Softcover, 328 pages.