A Journey Through Missoula History, with Picture Postcards and Local Memorabilia from the Collection of Stan Cohen

By Stan Cohen. Softcover, 212 pages.
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Featuring over 400 items from the vast collections of Stan Cohen, this book shows snapshots of Missoula's history through photos, postcards, letters, souvenirs and more!

What sets this new book apart?

“It’s strictly (items) from my own collection, and they’re all memorabilia, postcards, letterheads, ribbons,” Cohen said. “Some of them I used in other books but most of this has never been seen before, other than I’ve shown it to people who’ve come over to the house.”

And so, on Page 6 you’ll find a set of liquor licenses from 1866 signed by David Pattee, of Pattee Canyon and Pattee Street fame. For Missoula, “that’s like Day 1 almost,” Cohen said.

Deeper in the book are two pages worth of program from a banquet in the Florence Hotel. It honored former president Theodore Roosevelt when he came to town on April 11, 1911. The menu started with martinis and ended with cigars.

There are plenty of old postcards. They are of Missoula streets and motels; the 1908 flood, famous fires and the like. But the stars of this book are the memorabilia like the road poll tax receipts from 1930, and a wanted poster from 1905 for John Hogg for fraud.
On one page he’s placed pictures of three envelopes sent by Italian detainees at Fort Missoula in 1943. Cohen doesn’t own their contents, but one is addressed from Capt. P.S. Saglietto to the “Legation of Switzerland, Department of Italian Interests, 1601 Fuller Street, Washington, D.C."

Each picture or piece of memorabilia serves as a jumping-off point to further stories and research.

Softcover, 212 pages.